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frontend developer

3 years
full time
not specified
more than 60 days ago

1. Convert web designs to HTML
2. Style new websites
3. Maintain existing websites
4. Client side programming/scripting
5. Develop new user-interface features
6. Build reusable code and libraries for future use
7. Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
8. Ensure that all user input is validated before being submitted to back-end
9. Collaborate with other team members backend developers, product owners, customers and other stakeholders to get the final quality website ready.


> Required skills

1. Html
2. CSS
3. Javascript
4. Responsive Web Development
5. Sass
6. Jquery
7. Javascript framework - Angularjs 1.
8. Typescript
9. Version Control - Git/SVN
10. Attention to detail - Eye for aesthetic and quality
11. Quality Control – Testing

> Preferred skills

1. Single Page Application
2. Asynchronous Callbacks
3. Building and Automation Tool - Grunt, Gulp, Webpack
4. Razor
5. Web Performance Minify css, javascript
6. Browser Development Tools Javascript Debugging
7. Testing Framework
8. Experience with Visual Studio 2013

> Optional skills

1. Umbraco CMS Or any .NET CMS
2. CSS framework - Bootstrap
3. JIRA, SCRUM Methodology
4. NopCommerce CMS


1. Communication Skills
2. Adaptability and Flexibility
3. Team-working
4. Dependable
5. Customer Facing experience
6. Strong Work Ethics

All Front end enthusiasts are invited to apply!

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