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automation/ security test engineer

Plaines Wilhems
3 years
full time
not specified
more than 60 days ago
We are currently looking for a bright, talented and experienced Automation/ Security Test Engineer to create and implement automated tests covering functional, performance, regression and security tests for websites. This position requires strong technical background and experience with software programming and scripting.

• Develop and execute automated tests using the selected tool, which will likely require programming in Java/.NET, or some scripting language.
• Produce re-usable test scripts, procedures, regression test packs to test new and amended software.
• Work with customers to determine their need for security assessments, present and explain the employed methodology.
• Conduct Security assessments / penetration tests in web applications. Cross-site scripting, SQL injection attacks, Remote file inclusion, etc
• Participate in project-wide reviews of requirements, system architecture, and detailed design documents.
• Reporting to the QA Lead
• Effectively communicate test activities and findings in oral and written formats.

• Excellent communication and presentations skills
• Very good attention to details
• Proven knowledge of process methodology
• At ease with software development concepts and lifecycles
• Understanding of data driven test automation frameworks
• Strong problem solving, troubleshooting and analysis skills
• Ability to quickly learn new technologies and incorporate them in automation infrastructure.

• Degree holder in IT
• At least 3-4 years’ experience in coding/automation scripting
• Programming development skills in Java/.NET, or some scripting language

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