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Grand Bay
4 years
banking and finance
full time
not specified
more than 60 days ago
A company who does Property Development and is based in the north is looking for an Snr ACCOUNTANT.

These duties/responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Accounting Records
 Maintaining separate general ledgers for each group company, subsidiary company and any other joint venture “Companies”
 Processing general ledger entries for all Companies
 Preparation of monthly bank reconciliations for all Companies
 Preparation of monthly balance sheet account reconciliations
 Payment of accounts
 Preparation of weekly cash flow
 Processing of monthly accruals
 Managing collection of other shareholders loans when due

Potential projects
 Preparing project cash flow and budget
 Assisting with project evaluation

Projects which are to commence or have already started
 Preparing GFA applications and assisting with negotiations
 Handling GFA process to ensure all documentation provided and GFA is granted
 Reconciliation of purchasers funds, including call for payments
 Managing collection of purchasers payments
 Managing GFA process, including obtaining invoices from suppliers, preparing GFA reporting documentation
 Preparation and submission of GFA claims
 Analysis and reporting on project budgets in formats to be agreed
 Analysis of construction costs in formats to be agreed
 Monitoring and control of project budgets

 Monthly reporting of status on all projects
 Monthly reporting of status of Companies.
 Preparation of monthly VAT and TDS returns for all companies
 Preparation of annual returns for all companies
 Preparation and payment of salaries

The requirements include:

• Must be fully ACCA qualified
• At least 3-5 years of experience
• Property experience would be very beneficial
• Experience in submission of all MRA requirements is a must
• Ability to manage all the financial aspects of the company
• Ability to manage a team of debtors and creditors clerks
• Highly organized
• Independent
• Positive attitude
• Pro-active
• Excellent attention to detail
• Must live in Mauritius and must be eligible to work here-
• Excellent written and spoken English and French
We are sorry, this job is no longer available. Please use the job seaarch tool to find related vacancies.

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